Merit Badge Counselor – Art

Art Merit Badge

Virtual Art Merit Badge

An Adventure in Visual Arts with Artist, Sandra Mucha a trained Art Merit Badge Counselor. Courses are offered in a secure platform. Scouts manage their virtual curriculum and art lessons at their own pace, allowing for a great success rate.


Step 1: REQUIRED – ALL Scouts must have Scoutmaster approval to begin working on this badge.

Step 2: ENROLL – Enrollment Cost $15.00 fee per scout to gain access to my Self-Paced Course. A Guardian must be present for Individual video conf. meeting(s).

Step 3: SELECT – Sandra Mucha as your Art Merit Badge Counselor in Scout Book to receive credit for this course.

About your Instructor:

BFA, BA, MFA Studies in Art Education | Certified Painting and Drawing Instructor | Trained Art Merit Badge Counselor

I have loved teaching art and step-by-step instructions for many years. As an Artist that happens to also be a scout leader with an operating studio and art gallery from home, I am excited to offer virtual art merit badges using a self paced step-by-step teaching format. Lessons are tailored to help scouts succeed, while guiding them in a friendly and secure virtual art studio. **A guardian must be present during individual badge meetings.**

Art Merit Badge


“Ms Mucha provides a great escape virtually allowing my scout to stay on track with her professional step-by-step online course. She is great about providing weekly progress reports. My scout really enjoyed the art lessons.” – Parent of a 14 year old scout.

“Our son is doing well in your class, and he is very excited about sharing with us the projects he’s worked on. He’s even shown more (than previously), interest in working on projects at home.” -Parent of a 10 year old scout.

Scouts Leaders may request Ms. Mucha’s Virtual Art Merit Badge for their scout or scout troop based on availability. Email for more info.