Today, I am continuing my artistic flow as seen in my compositions rooted in play. A play that appears more and more based on various breadcrumbs I have experienced over the years in art school, as professional artist and during a pivotal free workshop I attended in February 2021.

In the winter of 2019 I was seeking a workshop to supplement as a virtual artist retreat. I wanted something juicy to ramp up my studio practice with a rich artistic community. I came up empty and stopped looking.

So, during my pause from searching I continued to create in the studio, and had pivoted my face-to-face teaching to online during the start of lock down.

In my Richardson, TX Studio

I had played with an intuitive style in the past, but to help me go deeper and revisit this intuitive process I took to YouTube. I stumbled upon some interviews by Nicholas Wilton.

I discovered how his artistic mindset was great for me because it spoke of a more efficient art process rooted in play.  Wanting to go deeper with own my art, and always appreciated how my students inspired play in lessons, and in my own process.. I enrolled in Nick’s intensive but playful free artist workshop.

 See my below early work, and how it has evolved from semi-realistic and surreal, to my current process revealing an expressionistic style with hidden gems and history.

Study of Water Tower in Winter | Acrylics | 10″×10″| by Sandra Mucha
Water Tower in Winter | Acrylics | 10″×10″| by Sandra Mucha

 Next, I attended his 3 month Creative Visionary Program, and now I create at the same time each day with a flow that is consistent all year round.

I hope to see you in class as I revist this wonderful 3 day free artist workshop. Feel free to contact me with questions about the workshop, or see more of my artwork and lessons here:

Happy Creating!