Cleaning acrylic paint brushes while conserving water in the art studio is a daily practice for me. I created a FREE download inspired by my virtual students based on info from fellow artist over the past several years.

 I am no longer helping with face-to-face cleanups, this was a pressing concern for me to create this handout.

Plus, I think my virtual classroom is here to stay. I am loving the weekly connecting with my students around the U.S. (15 states & Puerto Rico) and here in Texas.

For proper brush cleaning..

First, I recommend you establish the habit of wiping your excess paint onto another canvas or rag and then rinse in your paint water. In my virtual lessons students are encouraged to use left over paint. I like to use it for creating a bookmark or for the next art piece. Plus, it is helpful for keeping their dish of  water cleaner while painting too.

Second, Try to incorporate a sink set up with this handy strainer old t-shirt and a container collecting the strained water.

art supplies studio habits
Thirdly, I set up a proper waste water station to empty paint and collected sink water into verse down the drain.

Lastly, I pour waste water to a filtration system so it may be disposed of properly down the drain. (Illustrated guide and materials available in download.) The filter allows t-shirts or coffee filters to be refreshed as needed.  Discard the make shift filters collecting all the micro bits and sludge you rescued from our water ways into the trash. 

In conclusion, I hope you take these small steps to make a big impact on our waters ways for better studio habits.

Here is my complete step-by-step, and how to protect our waterways while painting your next masterpiece:

FREE Illustrated Guide – Acrylic Brush Cleaning & Water Conservation Download

Great for in the studio or classroom as a reminder for proper water disposal.

Be sure to share how do you manage with your left over paint water below in the comments section. I love hearing about your studio habits.

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