How to reduce screen fatigue as an online art lesson instructor is a big concern for me. I make sure to provide friendly lessons that are paced out into different modes and sections for my students.

This past pandeminc summer I realized quickly how my virtual art students and scouts of any age needed classes broken up into smaller sections verses creating during a 1.5 hr session on the same day.

Today, I provide a self-paced drawing lesson 5-10min video on Friday for use over the weekend, and then I instruct my 45 mins art lessons as a group LIVE on Monday’s.

For scouts seeking thier art merit badge, they now have one short 30 min check-in at the beginning and a 15 min at end of thier self-paced course. That’s it allowing them to work the curriculum at thier own pace.

I love teaching art so much, that I take thier request inspired by nature too.

“When students paint what they like, they are naturally more engaged.”

This week my art students asked that we paint a rose for our next online session. I am happy to provide a lesson based on inspiration from my own garden.

A Blooming Rose in Ms. Mucha’s Garden

See how I add my playful spin to this week’s ON-DEMAND nature inspired Drawing lesson available at 4pm each Fri .

All Drawing lesson are followed by a choice of LIVE Monday Art Exploring (Watercolors in Oct) at 3:30 -Or- Painting Made Easy (Acrylics) at 4:30pm.

Feeling shy or can’t make the Monday lessons? To keep students creating, they have access to thier weekly on-demand lessons too.

Now that is happier creating for all.


To accommodate students that can’t make the LIVE session 45 min for 5+ages or your 1hr sessions for 10+ages, students may watch art exploring and/or acrylic lessons ON-DEMAND in thier curriculum allowing them to pause the lesson as needed. Scouts BSA members can catch a self-paced art merit badge on thier own flexible time too with various surveys, quizzes and on-demand videos supporting each requirements.