Here are a some paintbrush tips and tricks based on three commonly used paintbrushes in my art studio. Whether I am painting a cityscape, a snowscape or a portrait I use the following brush style and no.:

Painting Brushes: Filberts no. 2, 8, and no. 2 Liner brush

Filbert 8-12 is used for larger color fields for the compositons initial shapes. The filbert brush with its sculpted rounded shape is a very efficient brush providing the option of thick or thin lines, as well as an added smaller tapered end for details. It even can replicate the use of a fan brush for blending.
Small filbert 2-4 for adding details with a thick or thin line,and the added smaller pointed end for details. Not as much area allowing for blending, but still allows for a variety of mark making.
Size 2 liner for smaller details, lines found in nature, architecture, hair, or great line control for signing your signature.
I use these three common artist paint brush sizes in that order as well. Large to small works best when creating a painting’s layers or wet into wet techniques.

All of these brushes provide dual purposes making it a wise purchase for a daily art making budget. My other brushes (pictured in the multi bin) have accumulated from various works over the years. Plus, it is convenient to have the same sizes at the ready too if editing a variety of colors.

Brush and organizing bin brands are available on this blog’s correlating instagram post.