How to increase productivity? Try using accountability. We all need a gym buddy or friend to push us at some point in our lives. Try setting goals for your art to keep you on track too. Enter an art contest, exhibits, submit to art galleries, take a workshop, join an art association, or an online group to relate with other artist. You will forget how all this persistence takes courage, because your small actions have turned into habits.

Don’t worry if you art is not accepted. Rejection helps you as an artist too. Your role as an artist is not to be accepted to everything. There will be resistence, and there are many different venues or places to sore. One of my favorite quotes that motivated me at university and still to this day is,

“A kite rises against the wind, not with it.” -Winston Churchill

Towers in winter

Towers in Winter by Sandra Mucha | Acrylic | 24 x 18 x 1.5

So, your role is to create. To worry about “the verb” of making art verses “the noun” Your role is to keep making better work, and to speak your truth and share it. Not everyone is going to love or even like it. As I tell myself in the gym or on a long bike ride, “it is me against me.” Do not worry about the other guy!

One trick I like for motivation when creating is to set a timer for 25 mins. This will boost your adrenaline and sense of urgency. That usually turns into an hour or more for me, and eventually no use of a timer once in my creative flow.

So, during that time keep playing, creating, sculpting, painting, acting, writing or whatever is your creative outlet. Be sure to then log your time spent creating. This helps with planning projects in the future too. You never know when you might be ask to create a commissioned piece.

Remember, your art is not complete till your audience views it. So, keep exploring your craft. Before you know it you will be ready to take flight again ..and again.

“Lark in Flight” by Sandra Mucha | Acrylic| 9″x12″x1.5″

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-Happy Creating!