When you start to feel life is too crazy to create, here is how to increase your productivity when dealing with so many daily distractions:

My three essential tips are daily journaling, establish accountability and go play to remove the fog.

“Snow Fog” by Sandra Mucha | 10″ x 10″ x 1.5” | 25.4cm x 25.4cm x 4cm | Acrylic on Canvas

Let’s start with journaling. I am often asked how I balance creating and being a mom. My answer is always, “Journal!” Journal in the am to clear your head.. Journal to place all your worries and fears on the page. Journal whatever comes to mind.

“I write at least three pages each morning.”

Then, create an idea or a to-do list. All that journaling clears the mind and creates a clear path for the ideas to flow out of your mind. I have learned years later it is the act of expressing that allows the logic to flow basically using your whole brain..

Need help with writing prompts? I highly recommend using Julia Cameron’s Artist Way Workbook, or for a deeper dive use her Artist Way book available at all major book sellers.

I also have enjoyed her book “The Artist Way of Parenting” it is full of similar ideas but with a twist that allows for parent and child to explore thier creativity together.

Follow me each day on Instagram at SandraMucha.Artwork to see how my creatity continues to unfold after years of am journaling.

On the easel: A work in progress featuring a street level view of San Francisco | 30″ x 24″ | Acrylic on canvas | by Sandra Mucha

Next post, I’ll share more on how I use play, and lastly tips for adding accountability as an artist.

In the meantime, buy a journal, set it on your nightstand with your favorite pen or pencil and purge and organize your brain with daily journaling.


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