After taking time to review all the great things that happened with your art this year it is time to celebrate!

Did you land in an new place or subject matter after trying a different technique? Did you play? Explore? Learn something unexpected?

In 2018 my art exploring took me to great heights. The first half of the year, my water tower series illustrated the bird’s eye views and then lead to creating the bird’s themselves. The larks ability to swoop and twirl was a delightful progression. We will see where they will take me next year.

©Sandra Mucha 2019

Become a better artist when you reflect on what was worthy of your signature, and what was pushed to the back of your art studio, ..and then Celebrate and enjoy friends and family that much more.

My Art Exploring Tips where started on my socials, but plan to expand on them here and on my website this year.

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