30 canvas panels Sandra Mucha Art studio Richardson, TX

30 canvas panels
Sandra Mucha Art studio
Richardson, TX

Be sure to cheer me on while I create fifty paintings this year. To kick off the journey, starting in February I will paint along with other artists from around the world participating in the Leslie Saeta 30 paintings in 30 days Challenge.  Wish me luck!!

MEDIUM  I’ll be painting in acrylics on gallery stretched canvas and panels. I am craving oil painting again. So, there might be the occasional oil pastels creations to be safe around my 8 yr old son.

SUBJECT MATTER  I am curious to see where a variety of landscape paintings, musical instruments, and cityscapes will take me for 1.5 hrs per day. Last year I had a goal to perfect pet portraits and this year I am continuing my portraiture service after my daily painting time is completed.

Marcie and 8×8’s by Sandra Mucha

SOCIAL MEDIA   I’ll be posting here on a daily basis as well as my Facebook and Instagram Page, please follow along!!

JOIN THE CHALLENGE!  Are you inspired yourself?! This is a great way to develop the habit of going into the studio til it becomes a regime. Check it out at: 30 Paintings in 30 days Challenge hosted by Leslie Saeta.

Time to organize my studio. see you tomorrow for painting 1 of 30!