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Artistic escapes brimming with wonder, where each moment whispers a gentle reminder to slow down & savor the intricate beauty of our delicate Earth.

art by mucha

The Urban Wanderings Collection:

art by mucha

Welcome to my studio!

I’m Sandra, an abstract impressionistic painter & creativity educator

Creating offers me a unique canvas to explore, to play, and to dive into boundless imagination.

Each piece I craft is infused with joy and a calming energy, which I can’t wait to share with you, my collectors.

Together, we embark on this soothing journey of art and inspiration.


Sandra Mucha Artwork
emerging artist

Meet your Instructor:

Sandra Mucha

BFA, BA, MFA Studies in Art Education | Certified Therapeutic Art Coach | Certified Painting and Drawing Instructor | YPT Trained Merit Badge Counselor

With years of experience shaping my journey, teaching art through step-by-step instructions has become a true passion of mine. 

I take immense pride in nurturing artistic growth and confidence in my students from the welcoming haven of my virtual art studio.

Drawing inspiration from my own playful exploration of line and color, I empower others to unleash their creativity and discover their unique artistic paths.

Join me, and let’s embark on a colorful adventure together!

My daughter took Ms. Mucha's class. So good!!! Ms. Mucha was great and is a professional in the Art world, PRICELESS!

Our son re-emphasized that Ms. Mucha's lessons were incredibly engaging.. ...He believes that if he had taken your course prior to his Middle School Art class that he would have been less confused with the terminology and techniques introduced at that time and more able to focus on creating than being stressed by the need to create a "perfect" piece of artwork.

"Ms. Mucha provides a great escape virtually allowing my scout to stay on track with her professional step-by-step online course. We appreciate the weekly progress reports, and my scout really enjoyed the art appreciation and art lessons too!"

Sandra Mucha Artwork


emerging artist