Merit Badge Counselor – Art

As an Artist that happens to also be a scout leader with an operating studio and art gallery from home, I am excited to offer virtual art merit badges using a self paced step-by-step teaching format.


Scouts Leaders may request Ms. Mucha’s Virtual Art Merit Badge for thier scout or scout troop based on availablity. Contact for more info.

REQUIRED:  ALL Scouts must have Scoutmaster approval to begin working on the badge. Scouts participating in the video conference(s) must have a parent or guardian in the room with them, per Youth Protection guidelines.

Download: Art Merit Badge Worksheets and scouts may begin familiarizing themselves with the requirments, gather artwork that meets requirement no 4., create thier intial req. no 5. logo sketch and saved all supporting docs and images as jpegs.

SIGN UP: Virtual Art Merit Badge Course

About your Instructor: Lessons are tailored to help scouts succeed while answering any questions based on my art career history.

NOTE: Scouts may start working on the requirements prior to our scheduled conference with Ms. Mucha, Art Merit Badge Counselor. It is encouraged to create, or gather created artwork supporting artwork prior. In some cases, you may share the work you have already started or completed.