The Mona Lisa Effect

The Mona Lisa effect is known for how the eyes in a portrait seem to follow the viewer as they move back and forth.

While it is hard to make it to the Louvre to see the original Mona Lisa, or any museum during this pandemic, you can see this effectvalso in my portraits. This ability appears naturally when I paint a portrait of my client’s pets or people. As for my landscapes, they also depict movement wether it is thru the use of distorted lines in my cityscapes or realistic clouds juxtaposed with frozen white buildings.

Calico | Acrylic On Canvas | 10″ x 10″ x 1.5″ | by Sandra Mucha

It just so happens, I am also known for using a sing-song cue when I had my elementary after school art lessons. I would say “Mona”..and they responded “Lisa” . The best was surprising my students at the end of the year dressed as her. ..For a different Mona Lisa effect.

Ms. Mucha as Mona Lisa

Stay tuned.. Students of my online virtual art share can catch a visit from the lady with the mysterious smile.

Sandra Mucha
Painter of Playful Perspectives and Portraitures.

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