Finding Refuge in Calming Colors.

Did you know that just the sight of a lavender plant or the color can be calming?

This year’s pantone color was selected to offer some refuge from the over stimulated world of today.

PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet

Maybe this is the color I need to revisit as I recharge from working a week long camp of 300 scouts, or just from driving in our thick Dallas-Fort Worth traffic. Either one is enough to make this artist long for a calming lavendar bubble bath at the end of the day.

Face in the Crowd Oil On Canvas 48 x 36 x 1.5 in by Sandra Mucha

So, with all these soothing thoughts of botanical bliss I find myself marking my calendar to visit our local lavendar festival one of these memorial weekends for some calming inspiration.

In the meantime my calming blues are my current craving, and wonder if the use of certain purples might be in my future.

Winding Snow with Trees” 10″ x 8″/ 25cm x 20cm Acrylic on Canvas by Sandra Mucha
Sandra Mucha
Painter of Playful Perspectives and Portraitures.

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