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Wow! The buds are already sprouting on our trees here in North Texas, and our daffodils are blooming. So, based on these clues it must be time for spring break. My husband and eight-year-old son, and I are looking forward to enjoying our local parks and museums this coming week.

Today’s painting features our local garden, The Dallas Arboretum in springtime. The children’s garden is a must-see for your little one.

Red Umbrella in Springtime © Sandra Mucha | Acrylic on Canvas | 16x20
Red Umbrella in Springtime © Sandra Mucha | Acrylic on Canvas | 16×20 | $650


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30 paintings in 30 days : Top 10 learnings for Artist

Here are a few of my learnings from this past 30 in 30-day painting challenge. I think you’ll be amazed both at how it pushes you to re-evaluate your use of time and makes you a better painter with a daily painting. I enjoyed using Leslie Saeta’s challenge available on her site at

  1. Organize your studio. A challenge motivates you to organize your creative space, inspiration, sketches, and photographs.
  2. It motivates one to prepare and refresh their website for their own daily blog too.
  3. Check supply levels such as canvas, paint, brushes and other necessary supplies. Leave a fresh canvas on the easel at the end of each day. I also liked having fresh water and clean brushes waiting for me the next day.
  4. It is okay to experiment. Pick two or three different themes and be ready to shift and finesse evolving unforeseen ideas.

    30 in 30 paintings by Sandra Mucha | Feb 1, – March 2, 2018 | Acrylic on Canvas
    30 in 30 paintings ©  Sandra Mucha | Feb 1, – March 2, 2018 | Acrylic on Canvas
  5. Start painting 2-3 days earlier to the challenge.I came close to skipping two different days during this last challenge, and a few at the ready would have helped ease the schedule’s demand. It is a deadline that keeps you accountable.
  6. It pushes you to paint in different locations. Create a studio in different rooms, or on different floors in your home.
  7. Use a Journal and planner. Checking in on Monday and daily with a journal and planner to note what is working. Monitor if you are on track for the coming week.
  8. Meet other artists and give support to each other during the process via Leslie’s site or on social media.
  9. Ideas evolve. The process of creating allows the artist to grow and experiment with the variety of series. Trying mixing and apply previous ideas to the next piece.
  10. It becomes a ritual. Life happens, and one will find the creative process is always waiting there for you.

Drop me a line at or leave a comment if you are interested in the pieces created during this challenge.

Water Tower on Rooftop – 30 of 30

This concludes my 30 days of exploring on canvas for now. Time to clean my upstairs art studio, and the temporary studio added to our downstairs living room. Next, this is also a time to sort and organize the images by location rural and urban as displayed on this site. I look forward to revisiting my favorites to create their larger canvases. Thank you for following and supporting my creative process this past month. Be sure to sign up for my monthly newsletter for upcoming exhibits of my artwork and further art exploring.

Water Tower on Rooftop by Sandra Mucha | Acrylic on Canvas | 6″x 6″
Water Tower on Rooftop © Sandra Mucha | Acrylic on Canvas | 6″x 6″

Park View in Winter part 1- 24 of 30

Today, I revisited a painting that sat for some time unfinished. It is a larger piece verse the 6″x6″ and 8″x10″ one can truly fit into a few hours per day for this challenge. I am glad to finally explore these different series and locations this past month leading me back to this original cityscape. Now I am geared with various answers to what this piece needs. Location: View of Bryant Park, New York City.

Park View in Winter by Sandra Mucha | Acrylic on Canvas | 18″ x 24″
Part 1 of “Park View in Winter” © Sandra Mucha | Acrylic on Canvas | 18″ x 24″